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Now this is an odd one, the story goes that Grant an Xbox live user would go by the gamer tag ‘the gayergamer’ one day he goes to play online and it turns out his account has been blocked due to his apparently offensive name. He goes onto say that he has not found the Xbox Live community the most friendly towards the gay community and has to spend alot of time on Halo 3 with it on mute to not hear the abuse. I have tried to think about this with out my gay head on, but I do think that it is wrong that his account was blocked just because others have a problem with the term gay. On the other hand if Grant knows that the Xbox Live community are not that welcoming to the homo crowd was it right for him to then advertise his sexuality. I think the answer is he should. For alot of gay people getting used to and then exploring their sexuality does mean that it becomes a huge part of their personality and if they want to reflect this in their username then that is hunky dory and should be allowed to do so with out prejudice. It is not as though his name was ‘Iwillrapeyourass’ or ‘bummingboysisfun’ and surely a name that announces some ones sexuality is alot less offensive than one that announces it is going to kill you.

You can read the story here.

After the break is a video that shows the homophobic language used pre-game on Halo 3. Editing and agenda aside the last 20 seconds are disgusting and there is no excuse for what is said.

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  • Andy
    I play a lot of Halo and the only word that pops up more as an insult is 'nigger'. There are a LOT of racist, homophobic little shits on there. Anonymity lets people express themselves more freely, and apparently a large number of people are more racist and homophobic that they'd otherwise admit.
  • Blakeborough
    And this is the reason that the Wii doesn't have VoIP.
    Xbox Live, despite the good intentions behind it, and as unfortunate as it is, just creates another open forum for people to be exposed to a vast array of abuse from small-minded morons.
  • Andy
    On a side note, I'm frequently mistaken for an Australian, and verbally abused as such. Very peculiar.

    I find the best way to deal with the homophobic crap (it gets heaped onto straight gamers too - I have no idea why) is to ask the little shits, or big shits as they may be, if they do that thing their Dad does with his tongue. Silence invariably ensues.
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