KFC and Burger King Adverts

I thought seeing as the zine’s called yourfaceisan*advert* i should probably get round to talking about adverts.

the new KFC advert is shockingly terrible -- if you haven’t seen it, it features a young man and woman eating dinner in a restaurant, the man attempts to eat snails, shells and all, and then crab-meat, shells and all. the man then excuses himself and the woman sees him sitting outside eating KFC stuff.

Now to me, that says ‘don’t eat different, interesting, tasty, unorthodox food that you wouldn’t normally; instead, just stick to the boring safe stuff that you’re familiar with, because KFC is the saviour of all people who attempt to think differently and try new things.’ (i can’t a video of it atm, but as soon as i do, i’ll add it to here.)

Secondly is the most recent Burger King Advert, for which they have sponsored ‘The Dark Knight’.  It features a woman who forgot to tell her boss that his wife called, and a guy who didn’t give up his seat for an elderly lady on the bus.  Apparently the ‘Dark Whopper’ feeds your dark side and this is what happened to the 2 characters -- but if i were in charge of advertising ideas for Burger King, i could think of a million better ideas for collaborating with a comic book film.

Poor show fast food retailers, i shan’t be eating at either of your establishments as a result of these adverts, or in the case of KFC because of ‘Poultrygeist’ *shudder*