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Jay Brannan: Can’t Have it all

We love Jay, the openly gay actor and singer - his wonderful lyrics about his experience and ideas are expressed beautifully in his fantastic album Goddammed.
Can’t have it all is one of my favorites and is about the city gay experience, it’s mournful but oddly hopeful. Here is the video - what do you guys [...]

Blakeborough’s Book Club: 20th Century Ghosts

Its been mentioned here…somewhere… and on our Facebook group and now the time for me to unveil the very first month of my Book Club. Ta-dah!!
And the first book is… Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts!! Woo! Although you should already know this, as I’m hoping some people have actually read it with me. Never mind [...]

Gay News

Small dose of the homo news in my post today.
Sadly gay retailer Clone Zone the latest business to be rogered by the credit crunch and has gone into administration. There is always the chance that it could be saved, but it seems that no businesses manage to get themselves out of the hole once they’re [...]

Your Face in a Fortnight

Howdy folks and welcome to Your Face in A Fortnight.
As we have many many stories going up each week we thought it would be a great idea to put our favourites from the last two weeks or so into one place so you guys could find any stories that you might have missed. If you [...]

Bounty Killer..Double Standards Much?

I am going to go and kill all women! I think you should put a gun to the head of any one ethinically different to you! And if they are disabled you should simply burn them….
If I held any of these opinions I would expect people to spit on me and give me a good [...]


I wasn’t quite sure what would be my affair this week. It could have been something in the news but this week everything seems to be about horrific child abuse cases and that just makes me very sad. Also my opinions on it are probably the same (hopefully) as most people’s.
So, I decided to go [...]

The 8th Commandment: Thou shalt discriminate against thy fellow man!

You’d think that having just elected their first black president that America would be all about the equality and love… but no they are just as bigoted and narrow minded as usual! Sorry to be matter of fact and to the point but American’s wonder why they get stereotyped as stupid and red-neck esq.? Well [...]

Jeff and Akbar

I didn’t even know this existed!
Jeff and Akbar is a cute little comic strip by Simpsons writer Matt Groening which first took form in the late 1980’s about a gay, fez-wearing couple. Had I not picked up Groening’s ‘Life in Hell’ series for £1.99 in a book sale, I would never have known about it.
For [...]

Hilary Duff fights homophobia one girl at a time…

This post is gay.
now admit it to yourself how did you read that last word, did you think this post was homosexual in tone or content or that this post was bad, naff or uncool?
The recent semantic change of the word gay is one of the most worrying things that has happened to the english [...]

Being Gay on stage...

Being Gay on stage…

Well, I happen to be Gay, and, it obviously affects some of my life experiences and in turn what I find funny and decide to tell others to hopefully make them giggle too.
Now, I’m a ‘little’ bit camp not overly but enough for people to think I have a quality. I came out when I [...]