Blackett Throws Up His Week Of Media Stuff

Good Lord this is a slow news week.

There is nothing new to report on Bioshock 2, no other game has jumped out of the woodwork, Imogen Heap is still working away on her album, Susan Boyle is whipping the world into some sort of frenzy and I can’t bring myself to care. So during these times when the trade winds are low I thought I would give you a quick rundown of what is entertaining me and then follow up with some rather nice pictures of Zac Effron. Hoorah!


Mr. Small has rekindled my love of Amanda Palmer so she has been talking quickly in my ear to jaunty piano tunes. La Roux has been touching all those naughty places on me that make me wish I was a teen in the 80′s bopping along to Blondie. Check out the tune ‘Phonography’ by good ol Britney, if you try and ignore the actual words used (she tries to make Bluetooth sexy) and just listen to the pop goodness this is a rather jaunty tune to start the day off with.

I also recommend hunting out (meaning search on itunes) the cover of  ‘You Got The Love’ by Florence and the Machine, it is a treat and a half. My final top tune for this week is 24 by Emmy The Great which is oddly about the programme 24 and is all kinds of beautiful.


I watched Shock Treatment this week, its the second time I have watched this film, twice is enough. As exciting as it may be that this is a sequel of sorts to the Rocky Horror Picture Show it just doesn’t live up to any sort of potential. Its rather high concept with Brad and Janet moving into small town Denton which is also a TV channel and Janet is raised to the level of superstar, but it all feels a little flat.

Would love it if some one can find me the script for the third Rocky Horror film, please post the link below.


Hoorah I finished Bioshock and hot dog that is a good game, it looks beautiful and the story is all kinds of incredible and challenges the gamers concept of their role in a game. But I cant say anything else about it or it will spoil all the delightful surprises, if you own an Xbox, PS3 or a powerful enough PC go and fetch now.

The good ol DSi is getting a bit of a work out too, an oldy but a goody is on the go, ‘Kirbys Power Paintbrush’ has you guide Kirby through his fun and vivid world by drawing tracks for him to travel along. Such a simple idea but really well executed, if you find it for less than a tenner on ebay scoop it up.

Tomorrow Pikmin 2 is launched (again) on the Wii, should I buy it? Should I not? I do love Captain Olimar and his little flower folk.


New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.