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First the dull bit:

If you have a press release you want to send us or would like us to review your obviously wonderful product email david [at] yourfaceisanadvert [dot] com. We also offer advertising and advertorial space if you are interested just use the email address above.

Now a bit of history:

Your Face Is An Advert is the work of Mr Blackett, Miss Blakeborough and Mr Morgan. A mix of an insatiable interest in media and fan culture and a little bit too much time on our hands led to the creation of this site. Well, that and the constant media attention that ‘Skins’ was getting when it first launched and as un-cool as we are, we just didn’t get it so thought “the internet is the place to express opinions so my gosh lets go about it.”

Our aim is to have a mixed bag of tricks, a good dollop of fun and geekyness mixed in with a dollop of media theorists, here we can talk about our areas of love such as adaptation of media, comedy and the representation of minority groups as well as all the geek stuff of the world that we adore like Doctor Who, Buffy, comics and computer games.

We hope you have fun reading, and it makes us smile from ear to ear if people comment and point us in the direction of new and interesting things. We are also on the look out for new people to write for us, so if you have something to say email it to david [at] yourfaceisanadvert [dot] com and we can all become beautiful friends.

This is us…

David Blackett

Hey dudes and dudettes my name is David Anthony Blackett and co creator of this wonderful site.

I graduated more years ago than I care to remember from the fantastic University of Leicester in the field of Mass Communication, my main focus being on fan culture and new media technology. I have worked for various companies both free lance and full time, helping to develop their social media presence. My big passion is writing and for two and a half years I was the culture editor and online content manager of a regional fashion and lifestyle magazine.

I have mucho love for computer games especially if it features a certain dumpy plumber (when he is not being involved in sports related activities.)

My favorite film is Amelie. I love pop music. I have a hamster called Fred (short for Prince Fredrico Gosforth).

Finally I would like to say stop reading about me and go read the site, its far more interesting.

Hope you enjoy.

Mucho love.



Oh yes find me on Twitter @boysies

Claire Blakeborough

Oh goody, a space all for me!

I’m Claire Blakeborough. I also graduated far too long ago in English and Media Studies.

Day to day you can find me scribbling stories, taking photos and drawing drawings that a 10 year old would be very proud of, all in the hope that practice makes perfect. I have vast and expansive interests, many of which no-one shares, such as Murder She Wrote, and others which luckily Mr Blackett does.

I heart: books (of all kinds), sci-fi, games, tech, telly, web, photography and milky bars.

Favourite film is Labyrinth, favourite thing to look at is Alyson Hannigan, and favourite game is Ocarina of Time.

Please enjoy our thoughts,



Oh yes, and you can find me over at that there Twitter @Blakeborough

David Morgan

*Waves with an air of modesty masking the need for constant attention*

Hi there, I’m David, I’m a stand up comedian who, when I’m not being funny does design stuff. I love musicals, cartoons and all of the television.

I’m a gadget and tech geek but generally gloss over when it gets a little too technical. I get nerdy about intelligent UI and control schemes.

Big fan of things.


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