The 8th Commandment: Thou shalt discriminate against thy fellow man!

You’d think that having just elected their first black president that America would be all about the equality and love… but no they are just as bigoted and narrow minded as usual! Sorry to be matter of fact and to the point but American’s wonder why they get stereotyped as stupid and red-neck esq.? Well [...]

Creeping into the male wardrobe

In the last week I have come to be an avid fan of the male magazine, yes that’s right reader I have been enjoying the delights of GQ, FHM, Vogue Homme (but not those silly magazines nuts and zoo ick!?) The reason for my initial crusade into the depths of the male world was for [...]

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

I was wide awake last night waiting for my facemask to set clothed in my friend/ex/whatevers t-shirt that I sweetly borrowed and never gave back reading through a fabulous website I had found:

my celebrity fashion

Why Don’t the other girls in the playground like me?

I picked up my monthly copy of Glamour magazine and was full of fabulous joy an article about Victoria Beckham (you all recognise my love for her by now!) however my delight was changed to contemplation and I noticed a growing trend: articles that depicted the competitive and generally bitchy nature of women. However, not just in general I’m talking girl on girl (and not in the fun way) women vs women. They spoke about how as women we’re so critical of each other and how (obviously) this is a bad thing. The irony being that of course there was the usual page of dos and don’ts in female attire (female on female criticism) and general which female celebrity we currently like and which we don’t.

Dressing like a film star

Fashion, Fashion every where and what do I choose for my FASHION column… well something that isn’t fashion, its actually a movie nay a fabulous, filagree of film hehehe I doubt that makes sense but ho hum.
The film in question is Tim Burton’s DIsney Alice in Wonderland set to be release in 2010 it will [...]

Now to apologise to that little dutch idiot that I shat on yesterday

With phrases like how can one not love Dickie Sharpe? Being in great pain I couldn’t bring myself to get dressed and drink till the world becomes pretty and so I settled in with UKTV Drama and Sharpe’s waterloo. I know its an old show but Sean Bean playing lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe making the yorkshire accent sound sexy is enough to make it relevant…or at least to me! - yet strangely works? Boney-M for emporer of France!

The Truth Behind the Powdered Face

I love fashion and beauty; it can really make my day go with a bang! Every weekday morning I get up at 6am so that I can spend an hour doing my face, hair and getting into my clothes (almost half an hour of that is spent on my face! Narcissistic or what!) And once I’m all equipped I get the bus to work and sit at my desk talking to clients on the phone and typing on the computer and all the while the effort I have made is going by unnoticed. So it got me thinking about the crazy things we do to look fabulous and why we really do it?

Diets, Widdy and Me: The reality of trying to keep up with the slim

I’m always intrigued by diet programmes, they fuel my crazy love/hate relationship with food and when I saw the ITV programme Ann Widdecombe versus the diet industry I felt drawn to it. This was especially because ‘widdy’ as she referred to herself within the programme is not thin.

Dictation of Play? The best video games…apparently

Now I know it has been a long time my petit-filles but I have been exceptionally busy however, don’t worry I promise I shall pour my general thoughts and rambles upon your head in as humungous amounts as possible.

Now my story today is exploring a field that I’m not particularly familiar with (or even good at) and that is the world of computer games!!… Actually scratch that, there is one game I’m really good at!! Advanced Sudoku on Brain Training though how much that counts I’m not sure?

More Scandal on the Li-loh/Ronson front!!

Hello My little cherubs I am here to pour more hot coals on the flames that is the lohan/Ronson scandal