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Although Yoshi is the title of this blog I didn’t intend for this to be a fansite for Yoshi but it seems that I am writing alot about him. This blog is for the little green dinosaur becasue I have finally finished Yoshi’s latest DS outing, Yoshis Island. And I am sad to say it is a big pile of poo, I am so dissapointed in this game. I was hoping for more platforming magic ala “New Super Mario Bros” but sadly got this tedious mess. It looks like Yoshi, it sounds like Yoshi and im sure that if there was some way of smelling in game action, it would even smell like Yoshi but infact it is a poor tramp cousin who has put on their best clothes to go out cause some mischeif and soil the name of his wonderful family.

The art work is fine and dandy and has the cute Yoshi feel and hand drawn yummyness which did make me play through and want to see more. There are touches of geniouse in this game, piloting a space ship and skiing are two that come instantly to mind. But this is let down with how generic it is in places, there is even a level where you have to jump your way up a tower while lava fills up said tower.

The one thing that I cant stand in a game is when it is unfair. This game is beyond any type of fair and clearly the developers knew this when they were making it because I know not of any other where gaining over a hundered lives in the first four levels is as easy, and I wasnt even trying to get more lives. As there are so many I thought that I would list the ways in which Yoshi’s Island DS becasue writing sentances about it would bore me;

  • Doing a series of flutter jumps in nigh on impossible and numerous sections need you to do them.
  • These sections normally have no way of getting to the higher level again so if you fall you have to die and re start the level all over again after the 50th time its no that much fun.
  • The space ship section the first time was fun, the second time feels as though I have been here done that and this time i keep dying and its not fun and then the same problem mentioned above happens again.
  • The game likes to trap you in small places with bad guys with sheilds that are impossible to get out of
  • Leaving the player with out eggs in sections that clearly needs eggs is a common occurrance
  • Finaly when you get hit and the baby falls off your back on the levels where the screen is scrolling, the baby bubbles like to float straight towards overhanging ledges that you could not even get to too if you were Knuckles.

On the plus side it is nice to see a whole array of the Nintendo cast in baby form in this game and their added abilitys do add a little bit of interest. There are also many levels to see and they are large which gives a sense of exploration that was missing from New Super Mario Bros. And when you complete the game you do recieve a few more levels to play. But I have no interest in the slightest in playing them and infact I think it is cruel of Artoon to give me even more levels after I had frustratingly played my way thorugh the main game. I do not reccomend this game. If your looking for a new Yoshi fix, there is still a while to go peeps.

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