Spartan aka Roderick Bradley - a totally academic post: Yummy

When Sky 1 brought back Gladiators little did we know we would be inroduced to an actual God. Roderick Bradley is a genetic freak, but the good kind that makes us wish we were freaks too - his freaky power is to be one of the most perfectly built humans in the whole world. I both love and hate this man in equal measure, here is why…

And he’s an artist, as if I didn’t hate him for being perfect enough!

Learn about his art here… Rudy Arts

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David is a Twenty Five year old Boy who loves Design, Comedy, Disney and Doctor Who. He works as a Graphic Designer and sometimes stands up in front of people and tries to make them laugh. You can find him on Twitter @thisisdavid and at
  • Alongside Matthew Mitcham, Sparten also qualifies for Lesbian-Man-Crush material.

    The Big O's face scares me in the top right pic. Despite the muscles and the naked he still manages to look like a pervy old wino.
  • Blackett
    I try not to look at him.

    Here is a wonderful video of Spartan
  • holy mackerel

    does anyone have a spare pair of underwear...?
  • tommy cole
    hi roderick i really want some pics of you naked ive been serchin' for a long time i always watchgladiators becaue you r in it so please send me some also some pics of you havig a wank and you showing your penis please my email is [email protected]
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