Breast Milk and Dairy Milk

Last night Channel 4 showed a documentary on breast milk and breast feeding. This basically involved middle class lady reporter going round the UK and having a quick holiday in LA and exposing her own insecurtities about not breast feeding whilst every one she interviewed were swapping babies on boobs willy nilly. It was interesting at first but when she asked ‘do you not think the child will be confused on who its mother is’ for the fifth time, and for the fifth time the person interviewed said ‘my child isn’t stupid.’ It all got a bit tedious.

If any one is interested in my point of view as a gay man, who doesn’t have boobs nor lactate and in no way qualified to comment on such an issue. I just think meh. I think it all boils down to shame about the human body that is so completely ingrained into us, and that any exposing of skin (especially ‘sexual organs’) is a a horrible sin and we should feel nothing but shame. And because womens breasts have been so completely sexualised the thought of putting it into another babies mouth brings up feelings of revulsion in some people. But really, get over it. Breast feeding is good for children and if you cant do it but some one else is waggling their milky boobs about just let your child latch on and be healthy and happy.

But what really got my attention was the add break! It looks as thought Cadburys are now taking the lazy root with their advertising. After the awesome gorilla advert which did divide audiences, but it got people talking and then the less great vehicles at the airport racing was fun, so in their infinite wisdom what have Cadburys done? They have re edited these two adverts with new music. TA DA audiences are fooled into thinking they are seeing something new.

Shame on you Cadburys.