Primeval: Series 3, Episode 6

Here we go again the…

It could have been so good

This week our new team open the artifact, but no answers are forthcoming… they get taken over by the mean Home Office lady, but it doesn’t last… Becker (the hot soldier) looks like he betrayed them… but he doesn’t and they could have done the story minus the anomily… but they don’t. Oh and SClub’s tiny faced brother looses Rex in a poker game, seriously is this Saved By The Bell?

Herein lies the problem of Primeval - you can go a week without a creature, you really can an it would give the story arc room to breathe and make sense, by never having a two part story where the ARC isn’t magically reset at the end of every episode it makes all of the non ‘creature through the magic door’ stories look tacked on.

Primeval suffered snobbery from the Who crowd but looking at it against Robin Hood and Merlin it’s in their league and the effects are very very strong, the Ostrich creatures this week for example were fantasticly done.

There just doesn’t seem to be as much thought into Primeval as there should be, from week to week the rules change and no one seems to care - I miss the days when they researched the anomolies and went in them to see what was on the other side, I oddly miss the Jurassic Park wonderment.

I must admit the loss of Douglas Henshall is fantastic for the show as Danny Quinn (the new leader of the team) is exiting and isn’t dull like Cutter was, aslo his timeline was so messed up it’s good to see that left in the past!

Next week however I’m worried, people come through with a Dragon. I’m worried that as they’re incapable of writing diologue for the cast at the moment how will they write for a character from an odd time with conviction. I’m not looking forward to it!

What are your thoughts?

Oh and PS sorry for the image, ITV don’t believe in the dark arts of the internet and so don’t put out any images like the lovely folks at EVERY OTHER CHANNEL do </rant>