Logan #3 and Serenity #3

I have been mulling over the last issue of Logan for a week now trying to think of something to say other than meh, what was the point in that? I cared a little bit about the woman he fell in love with in that one night of passion, but couln’t help but think that little ol Wolverine was looking back with Rose tinted glasses. The pictures were pretty and his heart being ripped out was a little shocking. But by the end where he had to chose if he remembered about the women he loved or not I was wanting to chose not to remember (see what I did there.)

This brings me onto the final part of Serenity which left me with a similar feeling of meh, whats the point but also a feeling of why did I bother. Least with Logan it was well written and looked pretty, Serenity lacked even this. It felt as though these three comics were a way to judge if there was a market for Serenity comics, it was said that the story was adapted from an idea for an animation to put onto the DVD and I think you can tell that not alot has been done to it since the early stages, it lacked any type of drama and the only reason I read on was in the vain hopes that it was all going to make some drastic U-turn. But it did not. Shame on you Joss for releasing a substandard product.

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