Torchwood Toys

I don’t want to repeat what has already been said today but, oh dear. These are god awful they look worse than the Primeval toys, no worse the Robin Hood toys, they were awful did any one see the horse ‘action’ figure? These are especially odd if you consider that they are taken from series 1 which was shown post water shed and is rated a 15 on DVD so shouldn’t they be a little cooler or even a little bit more expensive. This is annoying me a little with the whole Doctor Who merchandise they seem to refuse to cater for the adult audience and the extra money we want to spend on geekery, I want a sonic screwdriver (please don’t laugh) but i don’t want a crappy plastic one I want to spend £70 on a porcelain and metal life like one, if Harry Potter can make cool as adult wand memorabilia (in a non sexy way) why cant the Who. Come on WETA you made those helmety bust things, give us more!

You can take a gander at the Torchwood toys after the break.