SONTA-HA!! Sarah Jane’s Last Sontaran

In these times of Doctor Who drought, we have resorted to watching CBBC’s spin-off, Sarah Jane Adventures.

This week’s episode ‘The Last Sontaran: Part 1′ is the first of a two-parter (its all in the name), in which Kaagh is the last survivor of the Doctor’s destruction of the Sontaran Warship (seen in ‘Sontaran Stratagem‘, series 4 of Doctor Who).  He crash-lands on earth and lies low, whilst planning his revenge on earth.

Whilst investigating the mysterious disappearance of an observatory astronomer type guy, Luke and Clyde (Sarah Jane’s minions) discover the sontaran ship, and SJS wets her pants and cries that they need to call UNIT.

Meanwhile Mr Potato Head (or Kaagh to his friends) has possessed the astronomer guy, and plans to direct all of the satellites in earth’s orbits into it’s nuclear reactors, all coz the Doctor blew up his little warship.  Anger Management course perhumps?

Now i know that its a childrens show, but the constant stating of the obvious ‘they’re not here, they must be somewhere else’ script, and terrible child-acting really lets the show down.  Don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed it a lot, and its clear that Russell T and his posse are making the SJ adventures an integral part of the Doctor Who storyline, by the amount of money they’re spending on effects (the Sontaran’s helmet shooming away was rather cool!)  And i really like the way they’re fitting all the stories together through Torchwood, Doctor Who, and SJ Adventures but keeping each genre specific to its target audience, well done writers.

I dunno, maybe I’m just having David Tennant withdrawal symtpoms.

Ah well *cheers self up by staring longingly into the new Torchwood actor’s eyes*

PS, thanks Digital Spy