Bounty Killer..Double Standards Much?

I am going to go and kill all women! I think you should put a gun to the head of any one ethinically different to you! And if they are disabled you should simply burn them….

If I held any of these opinions I would expect people to spit on me and give me a good slap into the 21st century. But change the word ethinc, disabled, female to gay, fag, puff on any other slur and then it suddenly becomes acceptable and for some funny.

This is why I think it is wholy abhorent that ‘Bounty Killer‘ has been allowed a Visa to perform in London songs based around the general theme of murdering, killing and getting rid of gay people in a violent manner. So not only does he hold these opinions and share them he actually gets paid to spread his wise words.

The stance of the police on this matter is that last time he performed there was no incident and if anything happens this time they will step in. That is wholy wonderful that those present at his last ‘gig’ stayed calm to hear his words of hatred and violence. But what about afterwards? How many people had to suffer because of lyrics repeated at them or had the acts that Bounty Hunter boasts he has performed then done to them?

Its bad enough that Churches and religion get to spout their venom and then hide behind history and morality, I however find no excuse for this.

Peter Tatchell has some rather interesting things to say on the matter.

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  • Dayl
    I would suggest, purely in a the spirit of scientific enquiry, that if the police are allowing him to perform on the grounds it will not cause civil disorder (and therefore be less expensive - resourse and paperwork intensive), then you could prove that that was a false assumption...
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