The 8th Commandment: Thou shalt discriminate against thy fellow man!

You’d think that having just elected their first black president that America would be all about the equality and love… but no they are just as bigoted and narrow minded as usual! Sorry to be matter of fact and to the point but American’s wonder why they get stereotyped as stupid and red-neck esq.? Well it’s because they are! Well at least the ones who are voting to deny same-sex marriage in California!

The pink news recently did an article on this disgraceful act of the ignorant (and I’m not going to regurgitate what they said) just check out the link:

What I am going to express (and if you haven’t gathered my immense anger your rather slow) is that this act is surely against they’re constitutionally protected rights? Yes, I appreciate that people don’t understand homosexuality but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong! what gives a heterosexual more right than a homosexual to declare their love in public for all to see? I dream of a fabulous wedding why should anyone else be denied?

What also angers me is that other, well not minority, but victimised groups the “black and latino people” or however it is politically correct to term them largely voted against same sex marriage! Imagine if I said lets bring back white only sections there would be uproar… they are suggesting that whilst it’s not ok to discriminate against them, it is ok to discriminate against others!! Oh the hypocrisy!

Now there will be the reasonable amongst you that do say there is the opportunity for civil partnerships in other places but, whilst this is a start it is not an acceptable position! This defines same sex couples as being a second class citizen in that their union is not legitimate or wonderful enough to be defined as marriage!

Oh and before you try and catch me out with “marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman” definitions evolve with society and it is society that defines meaning. In the religious sense of marriage, perhaps it can never exist but, we use the term marriage for same sex civil ceremonies… you know on hills, castles, registry offices so why not for homosexuals?

If we stand by and let this kind of thing happen because we haven’t got the belief in the improvement of society, when it comes to the treatment of our fellow man, then we are a very sad planet! Please don’t ignore this crime against humanity just because it doesn’t directly relate to you or you are exhausted from a seemingly endless fight against injustice!!

It all about love Baby!!