‘Wii Crash’??

This has mildly annoyed me.

Yahoo Games, the videogames section of Yahoo’s increasing number of review sections has predicted that Japanese sales of the Nintendo Wii are falling and that this surely means the console is doomed to suffer a ‘crash’ and fail under the weight of its competitors.

Sadly, for a portion of the Yahoo network that covers the UK and Ireland, ‘Yahoo! UK Games Editor’ states that

“We’ve no facts and figures to comment on Europe just now, so going back a step we can talk about what’s happening Stateside.”

Shame really as the rest of the article seems to just be moaning about the Wii. Which seems to have been done by someone else at Yahoo! games the other day, but whatever.

I agree that the release schedule for the Wii is looking a bit sparse but I certainly won’t be writing off the console. In a few weeks I should be joining the legions of XBox360 worshippers, so its not like I stick to one console, but there does seem to be something about the family friendly appeal of the Wii that seems to make reviewers desperate to see it fail. Personally I can’t really work it out but there are gamers who also hate ‘casual gamers’ and take it as a personal afront that they are catered for.

Boo and hiss to them I say. No, I don’t really want a cheerleading game, but some people do, and I’m glad that gaming has opened up to a wider audience. The games that gamers want are still being made and I manage to visit Game without a copy of Pippa Funnell following me home, so we’re hardly forced to buy them.

Sigh. Anyway, so do we think the Wii will fail? I think it has a tendancy to be associated with gimmicky games and peripherals, but there have been plenty of amazing (and very adult) games to satisfy a dedicated game fan and opens up the market to the next generation of gamer as well as our parents and grandparents.