Look at me I’m linking to the Daily Mail… FUCK

Please Read Some of This

now loathed as I am to send them more Unique readers, as I’m sure most of you guys don’t visit the Daily Mail’s Website, but you have to see the context in which this rant lives…

Fucking Swearing is fucking funny.  Well, swearing sometimes is funny - if you keep using the word then it looses its impact and therefore its shock and humor value and therein lies the skill. Being bad at swearing is just like being bad at anything but being good at it, knowing where to put the ‘fuck’ or the ‘arse’ that is joyful, it brings forth such childish glee that it should be lauded.

Swearing it cutting edge, it’s risky and it’s naughty, just like the best comedy, look at Peter Cook, he was excellent at swearing and knew how it worked, well to be fair he was excellent at language, swear words are just that, part of language. In his article Mr Connolly annoys me in his first paragraph…

what is so funny about the F-word - you know, that Middle English verb which used to refer solely to sexual intercourse

He obviously doesn’t realise that words change meaning.

If you haven’t read it the article condemmns celebrities and comedians for the use of the ‘f’ word in leiu of a joke. Mr C has completely missed the point, first of all they aren’t doing stand up they’re just chatting and if the audience find it funny then that’s great but I’m quite sure that they aren’t swearing just for laughs, not even Ross is that shallow, from experience the laugh you get from a lazy swear doesn’t feel good, it’s cheating.

Fuck was used 5 times in 60 minutes, that isn’t much for a very post watershed programme. That seems fine to me and truth be told as with everything if you don’t like it, turn over. I find X Factor horrible and cruel so I don’t watch it and I find Jeremy Kyle to be offensive so I leave that be too. If Ray was so offended surely he could have just turned over, but I suppose he had a pointless column to write.

Well this annoyed me so much my real column has been put on the back boil. What do you think, does it offend you? Do you understand the use of it? do you care?!