oooh, massive excitements this morning - this may be old news to some of you, but i have just discovered a multi-artistic collaboration of 3 of my favourite people.

The whole story is documented at WHOKILLEDAMANDAPALMER.com but here is a mini-history for you

Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls - google them, youtube them, do everything you possibly can to them, they’re astoundingly good) started writing solo material, then she got fan mail from another of my favourite piano-based music people, BEN FOLDS!!!  I mean, fucking hell, to even have those two in the same room would be orgasmic.  So anyway, emails were sent, appreciation was mutual, tours were visited, and Amanda Palmer ended up recording her material in Ben Folds’ Nashville studio (check out the pictures/videos on the site, its HUGE), and all was wonderful.

here is my favourite video from the studio:


Then, THEN, ladies and gentlemen, Neil Gaiman got involved!! I mean…WHAAAAAAA, thats like the Holy Trinity of Wow!  As part of the ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’ project they’re producing a Photobook, to which Mr Gaiman (he wrote the novel ‘Stardust’, amongst others) wrote the text…so perhaps his involvement was really not that huge, but still!  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were seas of rainbow coloured, sex-flavoured wonderment flowing out of the correspondence between these three.

I shall stop being such a wanky fan now and post the link to the videos of the songs AFP (Amanda Fucking Palmer to her friends) recorded with Ben Folds, there

phew, all done…only now i’m tempted to get rid of my eyebrows and draw them on, grow my hair like Ben Folds, and do something else as yet undecided but it’ll be distinctly Neil Gaiman-y.