Resident Evil 5 Demo Verdict

So here I am a little late with my thoughts on the Resident Evil 5 Demo but those infernal poo heads at Microsoft (or possibly Capcom) decided that only gold membership folk were allowed the honour of playing the Resident Evil 5 demo. Now that us plebs are allowed to play I can revel in the joy.

So what do I think? Well its pretty awesome, I had to fiddle with the controls a little, the default ones confused me too much but that was my only problem. The game looks beautiful, there is a huge amount of detail on Chris and Sheva and the very brief cut scene being suitably cinematic. It was alot closer to Resident Evil 4 than I thought it would be, but that is not a bad thing as Resi 4 is one of my favourite games of all time.

Sheva is the greatest change in gameplay, she is a rather usual secondry character who looks after you just as much as you look after her. One thing that is going to stress me is the inventory system now being live, so in the heat of battle when I would normally retreat into the menu screen to mix up some herbs and bring me some wonderful health a bit more tactic is needed in finding a safe spot to rummage through your attache case.

I really cant wait for the complete game roll on March 13th.