Your Face in a Fortnight

Howdy folks and welcome to Your Face in A Fortnight.

As we have many many stories going up each week we thought it would be a great idea to put our favourites from the last two weeks or so into one place so you guys could find any stories that you might have missed. If you disagreee with our choices then just complain at the bottom of the page and link to the stories that you think are better. Its fun for all the Yourface family.

So here we go (in no particulare order.)

We have Miss Coffield-Brown and her raging anger at inequality in the world

Which is rather perfectly complimented on our piece about the artist ‘Bounty Killer’ who is known for singing lyrics about killing Gay people being allowed to perform in London where it is against the law to perform any work that incites hatred towards any group in society and where there has been a crack down on racist music.

Then there is the collective slagging off and then appreciation of the new performing arts venue in Leicester by Blakeborough, Blackett and Morgan.

We cant have a round up of the last couple of weeks news with out a look across the water and the Presidential election which lovely Mr. Small Speaks about:

We got rather trailer excited at Yourface recently so here are the new trailers for


Star Trek




And as the winter nights are settling in we are all curling up by the fire and reading books rather than lounging in parks and beaches like beautiful super model types, we have a bunch of reviews for you:

Heart Shaped Box By Joe Hill

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay


Flesh House by Stuart MacBride

And a final Suprise link that will take you to a mystery story on the site just click here if you dare.