Do you remember when Sonic was cool?

I do, and this is why this video made me weep a little inside:

I thought that Sonic Team had learned all the lessons they could from the string of horendous games, I would list them here but there is only so much time I had and I will not dignify them by placing them here on this sacred space. But oh no.

The first trailers for Sonic Unleashed arrived and looked promising, some good ol high speed 2D platforming with some pretty scenery, although god knows why they are sticking with the idea of a blue hedgehog running at the speed of sound around a human world, I liked Morbius and the Green Hill Zone, bring them back Sega. Then Trailer two was unleashed, revealing the full horror and dullness of Were-Sonic.

Which made me lose all interest. Then in a completely seperate project they have now given Sonic a Sword (from the lady in the lake no less) and given him yet another crappy song ’sang’ by some sudo American rocker trype. I think its time Sega let Sonic go out to pasture.

What do you guys think? Did you ever love Sonic and then have all your childhood dreams dashed by an increasing lack of care from Sega?

For a review of Nights journey into Dreams’ which was marvelous in how dissapointing it was, just click here.

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