All I want for Christmas is an Xbox 360

Welcome one and all to Thursday, the day of my gaming ramble. What was formally a Monday is not blessing your Thursday internet browsing.

Woe is me I feel as though Nintendo has left me all alone this winter period, there is nothing for my part timegaming ways. I spit on your Wii Music, Animal Crossing be gone with you and I will not waste my time on Disaster: Day of Crisis. So what is left for me? Trade in and scrounging, that is all I have as I desperatly furrow away any pennies I have so I can have some decen gaming over this festive period.

Frigging Microsoft I want to hate them so much and resent giving them any pennies but needs must. I am fully aware that they are a money hungry corporation that blundered into the world of gaming, using their million bajillion pounds to buy any developer and then sent a console into the market knowing that the vast majority of them would break and then started denying that the Xbox was faulty even though they had placed a little red light into the Xbox to tell people when their machine broke. But this Christmas they have Left 4 Dead, a zombie action shooting game, Gears of War 2 and Banjo and Kazooie. Along with a back catlogue of games as long as my arm.

So any ways you think you can help me or at least theories on how I can help myself have a very Merry Christmas would be welcome below.