A long overdue comic rundown

Mainly through laziness.. well actually no I refuse to put myself down today! I haven’t said a word about comics in a while, even when there have been a number of events in the comic book world which should be of note mainly because they have been dull dull dull so it is only through strength of will and the desire to share my dissapointment with the world that I am writing a rundown of recent releases. And as they failed to invoke any kind of large reaction I am going to try and sum each one up in 50 words or less:

The Killing Joke - Alan Moore + Batman = Awesome! He may hate this story and I have no idea what the original looked like but this looks mightly pretty and I loved the story. Overpriced though boo hiss boo.

Secret Invasion- Hate it by its very nature, it pretty much means that anything you had read in the Marvel Universe over the last few years is a lie, and they are forcing people to buy a million  different comics over all the series so they can tell you how much they are pissing over you.

Angel: After the Fall: First night - Long named series within a series came to an end with a whimper, failed to live up to the Lorne story in the first issue. Makes me sick that Dark Horse are milking this for all its worth. Think its time for it to curl up and die. *shudder* Spike: After the Fall*shudder*

Astonishing X-Men - Well it ended………mmm…….was nice to see Joss write Spiderman……..yup.

Locke and Key -  I love it I love it I love it, next issue is the end of the first arc, can not wait.

Johnny Boo, the Best Little Ghost in the World - If you are feeling sad and blue, a book of happiness is Johnny Boo. OH MY GOD there is a sequel in December!

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  • Andy
    So Secret Invasion sucks, Astonishing is coming to an end, and Runaways is late? Looks like I won't be reading any Marvel for a year or two...
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