Norwich Union name change advert

I love this advert. Every one gets very precious about their money and I think that this advert uses the power of celebrity to reasure those that have invested or taken insurance with Norwich Union that things will be hunky dory.

It makes me sad that when I really enjoy something I have little to say, does that mean I’m a bitter person?

Thoughts and comments below as per usual.

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  • lol I thought this add was funny cus of the Ringo Starr bit as he was the only Beatle who changed his name and he's the most unsuccessful one. Not really the right person to promote name changes being a good thing! ;)
  • Blackett
    He shouldn't have chosen a name that would suite a pron star I think is the lesson to be learned.
  • James
    As an NU employee, I'm fucking sick of the Aviva malarkey. Rename us and be done with it! There's another six months of this to come. I'm sorry :(
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