Shortbus (warning, I mention willies more than once!)

To say that the film ‘Shortbus’ is graphic would be like saying that Jay Brannan (see below) is mildly attractive.

Whilst the very first shots are of cardboard New York in pretty colours with twinkly lights, and the song ‘Is you is or Is you aint ma Baby’ floating over the top; the first actual film footage is a montage of the 3 main groups of characters having various forms of sex - there’s James and Jamie, where James is managing to film himself suck himself off, whilst being spied on by his stalker across the road; there’s Sophia and Rob who have lots of sex in lots of different positions, but Sophia has to fake orgasm; and there’s Severin the depressed dominatrix who’s fed up of whipping rich boys and just wants a proper conversation.

I think i should probably point out now that the aforementioned sex isn’t acting simulated sex, its very graphic and very obvious that the actors are actually having sex. *jumps for slightly naughty joy*

After the audience (and presumably the actors) had calmed down from their opening scenes, James and Jamie go to their couples counsellor, Sophia, because they’ve been together 5 years and James has just suggested making their relationship more ‘open’, because ‘monogamy is for straights, right?’ the session ends up with sophia on the couch confessing to the gays, lol.  Turns out she’s never had an orgasm, boo.  The gays recommend she goes to ‘Shortbus’.

If ‘Moulin Rouge’ were in New York in the early 21st Century, less organised, more raunchy, more alternative and less of a gentleman’s club you’re getting an indistinct impression of what the general jist of the Shortbus club is.  There’s cabarets, musicians, film viewings, a room full of lesbians, and a ‘sex not bombs’ room (complete with bomb swing).  This is where a lot of the ‘real sex’ scenes which caused so much controversy can be seen :P .

So, reappearance of all our protagonists - James and Jamie are cruising for a 3rd party (enter Jay Brannan/Ceth, and about time to!), Sophia and Rob are trying new things to attempt to reach orgasm, and Severin’s being depressed in the corner of the lesbian room, taking polaroids of everyone she finds interesting rather than talking to them.  All shepharded around and introduced to each other by the Mistress of Ceremonies: Justin Bond.

Ceth, brought back to James/Jamie's house for some fun.

Out of this single trip to Shortbus, it appears all our heroes problems are solved - James and Jamie have found Ceth, a model who’s just looking for love (and appears to find it in an oh-so-sexy 3-some sex scene), and Sophia’s struck up a bond with Severin which would help them both as Severin gets to talk to a normal person, and Sophia gets to learn how to wank herself off, sorted.

Except not…this was the rather scary turning point for me - i don’t want to spoil it, coz i think everyone should watch it for themselves, but there’s a 6month long suicide note, Sophia still hasn’t climaxed, Rob’s getting whipped to within an inch of his life by Severin, and James’ stalker gets involved, its all very messy for a while.

Then in true independent film, quirky fashion; everything (or almost) is sorted out by a song from Justin Bond (which coupled with the rest of the film had me in tears), one of the famous black-outs in New York,  and an impromptu brass band at the Shortbus club, making everyone happy and fulfilled, including the audience.

This film took me a whole night to work out what i thought of it - its quite alarming when you start identifying with the suicidal one.  Overall I think its a triumph for an independent film, cinematographically, it looks great, and John Cameron Mitchell’s vision certainly came alive on screen admittedly for its controversial content, but hey, whats wrong with pushing boundaries - and being very very sexy at the same time?