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I was bored last night so decided to play the game of ‘do you remember that’ where you go to youtube search some random cartoon from the 80’s and ask in a rather excited voice ‘Oh my god! Do you remember? Do you? I thought I was the only one.” When really, if you think about it, you must not be the only one to see the programme in question as almost every home in Britain has a television. Any way it was a rather nice nostalga trip so I’m going to post one or two up here, and if you have any more suggestions I will hunt them out and post them too.

I was also wondering if any one can tell me what this programme is… involves a silver statue of a man in a shopping centre that is also a clock…..something to do with the channels that are static on a tv…..and I think people on another world minning for power chrystals. It wasn’t British, but also not American so I think it must be Australian but I don’t really know. This has been bothering me for years and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it up, but I do think I have mixed a couple of shows into one.

Enjoy the videos after the break.

Galaxy High

The Girl From Tomorrow

The Smoggies

Potsworth and Co

Round The Twist

Around The World With Willy Fog


Gummi Bears

And thats your lot for now, flicking through them I have just realised how much came from Australia, how odd. Its a shame they don’t make tv as well now, they can’t even get Neighbours right any more :(

Also if you are wondering why Thundercats, He-Man or She-Ra aren’t here, its because they are still cool and every one loves them. Power Rangers is only there because Zordon told me to do it.

Pirates of the Dark Water

How hot is pirate dude!!!!!!!

The Dreamstone

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  • Blakeborough
    Silver statue and static television rang a small bell, but I can't think of what it would have been, or even picture it properly.

    Also, you missed Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds!

    Princess Romy from Willy Fog was my first cartoon crush.
  • rachie
    I have the second series of Round the Twist on DVD. :D Also: Fraggle Rock and Stoppit and Tidy-up. Used to have Maid Marion and her Merry Men, which was made of win and awesome, but somone ran off with that...

    God, I had been wondering for the longest time what Potsworth and Co. was actually called! You're a star! I'd got it all mixed up with Captain Z and the Z-zone...

    And continuing the nostaligia trip, do you remember Pirates of Dark Water? 'Cos no-one else seems to, and it was amazing.
  • Blackett
    oh my god I do, there was black good of some kind *hunts on youtube*
  • Andy
    It was all about the following...

    Pirates of Dark Water
    Potsworth and Co.
    The Tribe
  • rachie
    Reboot was awesome! Shame it got cancelled here halfway through series 3 - a friend of mine has the rest of it on DVD and it is completely awesome! Except for it then got cancelled by the production company on a major cliffhanger at the end of series 4...
  • Blackett
    I never got to see past when they came back from the mainframe or whatever and all looked 10 years older. I thought two films were release in Canada set after series 4, I could be wrong.
  • rachie
    The two films are pretty much series 4. And they end with the huest cliffhanger in the history of chiffhangers and we may never see a resolution... :-(
  • Blackett
    go on spill whats the cliffhanger?
  • rachie
    Ok, brief run-down of the Series 4 films (with a little help from wiki):

    Daemon Rising:

    A supervirus known as Daemon has taken over the Super Computer, and is trying to infect the entire net. Despite being a virus, she is not malevolent, and only wants to bring order to the net. To this end, she used something called 'The Word' to brainwash people she comes into contact with, and has already infected all of the Guardian Collective, apart from Bob. Arriving in Mainframe, Hexadecimal powers up in the core, and uses the energy to fight Daemon. However, it is in vain: Daemon initiates the final stage of the infection, which causes everyone infected to begin a web-wide binary countdown, which will cause them all to be deleted. This also deleted Daemon. A cure to the infection, taken from Matrix's PID, is delivered to the net through Hexidecimal, and while everyone is cured, it fragments Hex into (supposed) deletion. At the end of the movie, Bob and Dot get engaged.

    My Two Bobs:

    To the confusion of everyone, however, a portal opens from the net and another Bob steps through. After some counseling from Phong and Mouse, Dot decides to marry the new Bob, whereupon Glitch Bob -the nominal original- earnestly attempts to return himself to his original form in order to resolve his existential situation. His efforts ultimately fail and leave him in a catatonic state. He is then revived and turns up at the wedding. he reveals that Megabyte has previously stolen part of his code. Glitch Bob is able to return this code to Bob, which forces Megabyte to emerge -Megabyte had been disguised as Bob all along!

    After a spectacular battle in the church, investigation reveals that Megabyte is now a Trojan Horse virus, able to shapeshift and effectively disguise himself as anyone. Megabyte eludes capture by using various aliases and a doppleganger and ultimately infiltrates the war room by taking on the form of Frisket. After suborning various personnel, including Dot's father, and capturing Enzo, Megabyte gains "complete control" of the Principal Office. The movie ends with him proclaiming that viruses are predatory by nature; his last words, which are the final words of the films, are "Prepare yourselves for the hunt!

    Now for the super exciting bit that I have only just found out about - ReBoot has just relaunched to complete the series as a web-comic on the official website!! AND there are THREE more films planned!! :D
  • Blackett
    WOW thank you for that, it always surprises me how complicated the world of Reeboot became. Although Im all signed up now for the comic and loving it :) If only I had known about this befor my dissertation HARUMPH
  • rachie
    And back on the subject of retro goodness... Does anyone else remember The Dreamstone?
  • Blackett
    My self and Morgan both went 'the dreamstone? what?' then toodled over to youtube and gasped as the memories flooded back. It is now added to the list. I love it! The big scary dragon thing used to frighten me when I was little :)
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