LCF 09: The Gilded Balloon Launch!

Phew! That was a night!

The Gilded Balloon has landed in Leicester. Karen Koren, the Artistic Director of the Balloon welcomed us all and detailed her plans to invade Leicester! The City Rooms would not look out of place in Edinburgh and the Gilded Balloon have put their purple stamp on the whole venue! 3 performance spaces, 2 intimate and one massive venue! It’s very impressive and proof that on it’s 16th year the Comedy Festival is coming of age.

After sparkles and pyrotechnics Jarred Christmas, our host for the evening, welcomed us and set the mood for the quick fire comedy showcase. Jarred was, as always, fantastic, manic and excited like a puppy with ADHD an above average IQ and huge imagination, that can talk. (not the best description but I have had very little sleep!)

During the night we saw Funtastic, for the kids, opening with ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain, classic! Magician Ali Cook, I liked the tricks and the jokes were great but I wasn’t overly fond of his delivery… not sure why, it was just me though as everyone with me was mesmerised! He is great and you should check him out!

The bizzarre Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet theatre were next and it is exactly what it says on the tin.. Odd, Clever, Funny and Mesmerising! One joke had one of our party laughing so hard he missed the rest of the act, and it wasn’t just the free wine! The SFSPT is wonderful, you should check them out!

To end our evening came the incredible Phil Nichol, oh. my. lord. This man is a tornado of comic energy and none of it is misspent, his presence filled the large Ballroom and all eyes were his, AH MAY ZING! He even got Richard Haswell (from Demontfort Hall and Summer Sundae Fame) on stage to perform “I’m the only Gay Eskimo”. A massive highlight.

The showcase ended with a cannon of glitter and the schmoozeing began and it shall remain unreported as I don’t want YFIAA to be the first place people find out about what they did! A wonderful and fantastic evening celebrating a wonderful addition to the best comedy festival in England!

The Gilded Balloon has a massive programme of events including Kids Shows, The Best of the Fest and the infamous Late and Live (Rumour has it Monday’s will be with Mr Nichol! So support the Gilded Balloon and the Festival so it can grow and grow and grow!

Go Leicester Comedy Festival!