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I’m not overly versed in the world of comic book land my knowledge pretty much comes from my childhood love of X-Men and Spider-Man. I used to love to sit on a Saturday and look over all the pretty pretty pictures, the muscles of the super heroes rippling under their skin tight suits as they saved the world and themselves from this weeks catastrophe. It has grown in recent years due in part to Joss Whedon heading into the comic book world and one of my buds introducing me to the world of Neil Gaiman. So with my limited knowledge I have to say Marvel Zombies 2 is a big pile of steaming poo. It makes me sad that trees that used to wave in the breeze were cut down and then used to create this series of comics and now thinking about it I spent a whole £12.50 of my hard earned cash to discover how bad a comic can get.

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Don’t get me wrong I mucho loved the initial series. Not only was it a Marvel comic filled with the Marvel heroes bloodied up and being violent, it was also incredibly well written, there was a whole new take on the idea of a zombie as these dudes were indestructible (we saw Colonel America get the top of his head sliced off and yet he kept on going) and the story was not about finding a cure for the infection or a cause but we simply followed the Marvel Zombies as they tried to find more and more food until they eventually ate Galacticus and zoomed off into space. This is where the story should have stopped.

The prequel added to the tale and was fun, the Army of Darkness spin off was far from amazing but was passable however Marvel Zombies 2 feels like a shameless cash in. The zombies have returned to earth after eating everything else in the hopes that they can travel to another dimension through an invention Reed Richard created many moons ago what they find is a few humans we don’t care about a number of z list Marvel people who we also don’t care about, a million and one plot holes and a consistent lack of continuity. At one point in the final issue a dude named flame lord appears out of no where and if I were to go into full geek mode The Hulk manages to squish The Phoenix’s head even though they are meant to have all their super hero type powers, it just doesn’t seem right to me.

On the plus side the art work is amazing and I suppose it was worth buying for the stupidly pretty covers. Its just a shame that it missed all the fun and comedy of the original run and sadly it looks as though number 3 will be hitting the shelves soon. It makes me feel that the grand overlords of these things need to say no the sequels.

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