Initially, I was pleased to be reviewing this, now I’m cursing it.

Poultrygeist is a low budget zombie-horror-comedy-musical-romance that’s so stupid its brilliant, and a nightmare to review if you want to avoid offending anyone. So, I’ve decided not to worry about that and just offend everyone.

Follow after the break…

I had no idea what to expect from this film, and having seen it, slept on it, and thought about it a bit more today, I’m still not entirely sure what to say about it. Quite simply this is a film that has to be seen in order to properly form an opinion, as I can guarantee there is nothing else like it.

The basic plot centres around Arbie and Wendy, young lovers, who have to split when Wendy goes to college. She returns as a lesbian feminist, protesting against the American Chicken Bunker (KFC in disguise) with other members of C.L.A.M (Collegiate Lesbians Against Mega-conglomerations), a pun which I giggled to myself about for hours afterwards.

Something is amiss at the American Chicken Bunker, and people are starting to get very sick. Could it be something to do with the building being on top of an ancient Indian burial ground? Oooooooh.

That’s basically it plot-wise. There’s some nudity, some lesbian kissing, a broom replacing a penis, giant murderous chickens, racism, face in a slicer, plenty of blood and gore, and copious amounts of poo.

This sounds like a recipe for a terrible film, but its handled in such a way; taking the piss out of horror movie conventions and political correctness, that I think it could well be a work of genius.  No group; men, women, gays, lesbians, Christians, Muslims, retards, or anyone else escapes ridicule, which in an odd way makes all of the suicide bomber and ninja jokes made with regards to the female employee in a burka, perfectly acceptable within a realms of the film.

I think this is the only film that could pull off a talking gay Mexican sloppy joe sandwich with the same conviction, and have an ex KKK chicken restaurant owner enjoying a nappy fetish with a lesbian freedom fighter as a legitimate part of the plot.

This review has tired me out, as there is far too much to describe, and far too much that I’m giggling about now that won’t transfer well into words. Just go and see it. Except if you’re easily offended. Or squeamish. Or don’t have a sense of humour.