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Its no secret that I hate this programme. It pains me that this is one of the longest running sci-fi fantast shows on tv now with 154 episodes of mediocre crap filling up the airwaves and the T4 schedule at the moment. But imagine how I fvelt when I heard series seven would be the last, well to be honest I didn’t really care it just meant one less programme to skip past when channel hopping. But now  its due to come back for an eighth season and even the main producers are wanting to jumo ship there open letter to fans can be seen at comingsoon.net. This is like Joss Whedon or Russell T going ‘no more thank you! If you carry on any longer its like your pissing on my baby and no one wants a baby covered in some one elses wee.’   So good on Gough and Miller knowing its time for something new, shame on you WB and lets all look forward to seeing a bran new female who will wear hardly  any clothes in a desperate attempt to get viewers.