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Susan Kinsky-Smith-Kennedy


I just cried like a baby, Susan has MS. Wonderful channel 5 has finally given me a reason to watch it by putting a Neighbours omnibus on every Saturday. This week however has had me crying like a hungry angry baby as Susan has been diagnosed with life changing illness and she cried and Libby cried (i’m not too sure when she came back but it was nice to see her minus her gappy teeth) and Zeke did some teenage angst. However she will probably get over it like she did the memory loss and the fact that her husband has a child with some one else and her second husband died not that long ago. Sadly the episode was ruined by two middle aged women that I dont know and the fact that Jannea is no longer a slut and wears alot of grey. Also since the move to channel five I have been trying to decide if I like the higher quality picture which takes away the constant sunny glow (which you can read about here) I always associate and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t, bring back the sun.

P.S. they will always be the Kennedys to me I wish they would stop with this Kinsky malarky.