Buffy Is A Lesbian


Buffy is a lesbian, Buffy had carnal relations with another woman. Buffy is seen in bed, naked with another woman who is also naked. Both women are naked and in a bed after having late night fun and one of them is Buffy Anne Summers (and as I write this it is pointed out to me that the slayer does infact share her name with the lovely lady shop, how have I not noticed this.) Now thats out of the way *ahem.* After two amazing stories from Joss himself Drew Goddard of Cloverfield and numerous Angel and Buffy episodes has taken the reigns for the third story arc of this season.

Carry on reading after the break for my spoilerific  thoughts and feelings on this months issue of Buffy.

So Drew (I feel I can call him that) looks as though hes not happy about certain things in season 8, namely the scooby gang being in a number of different places so as quickly as possible he has Andrew flown in with Willow to join the scottish gang. All of which end up in Miss Summers bedroom after the above mentioned lady loving, the gang crashing into the room one by one made me full on laugh out loud. The strong point of this issue is deffinetly the humour and it will be nice to have Andrew around to get away from all the doom and gloom angst that comic was heading towards. Within the first few frames he admits that he took drugs so as not to be scared when Willow flew him to the castle.

Of course Buffy is not all about the funnies there is plenty of violence and romance to be seen. Xander is heading towards getting jiggy with a slayer and the new Buffy sort of romance sort of trying not to be lonley (oh it makes alot more sense if you just read it) is genuinly touching and shows a much more adult view of sex and relationships than I have seen in recent media land. Then there was the big reveal at the end……..Dracula is back! Make of this what you will.

On a final note reading around the comic, I thought it was interesting that Drew doesnt seem overly impressed with the ressurection of Warren or the fact that Buffy season 8 my run for almost 5 years. Then there was the announcement that Firefly will be back as of next week in comic book form. Hoorah to Joss, all hail the king.

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