Pablo the drug mule dog

I first saw this advert by anti drugs campaigners Frank during a break in Kevin Bishop’s sending up of Elton John in ‘Star Stories’ (very funny actually for once. Princess Di at Gianni Versace’s funeral was a highlight. Go and watch it here)

Anyway this new round of advertising features Pablo the Drug Mule Dog, a dead dog who has been slit open in order to have his belly filled with packages of cocaine. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell the advertising aims to expose the ‘darker side of coke’. I was surprised at how immediately impressed I was with this campaign. Its funny, shocking and extremely relevant. I’d be tempted to say brilliant. My only wee concern is that the advert is so cool that Pablo will become a cult figure and the anti drugs message will be lost in a plethora of hacked open dead dog soft toys and accompanied merchandise.

Check out Pablo’s adventures here. Come straight back here afterwards mind you, but the website is worth it for its creepy texas-chainsaw-massacre-ness.