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Your Face in a Fortnight

Howdy folks and welcome to Your Face in A Fortnight.
As we have many many stories going up each week we thought it would be a great idea to put our favourites from the last two weeks or so into one place so you guys could find any stories that you might have missed. If you [...]

Coraline! Fantastic New Trailer.

We have been following this for a while and this new trailer has made me even more excited! And how can it go wrong? The director of Nightmare befor Chrismas, based on a Neil Gaimann tale and with voice talent of Dakota Fanning!
Should be with us early next year.

Gaiman and Pratchett: Good Omens

Yup its me again gushing about something that Neil Gaiman wrote, sang, sneezed, caughed, whispered gently into my ear etc etc.
This is the 80’s love child of Gaiman and Pratchett documenting the final few days as the world spirals towards the apocalypse. But as it is these two lovely fellows telling the tale nothing is [...]

Waterstones: What’s Your Story? The Postcard Collection

When Harry Potter came to its awesome/crap end last year (it just depends on what mood you catch me to what I think of that last book) Miss J K Rowling said ‘NO MORE’ and then proved herself to be a liar by then releasing a very limited run of ‘Beedle the Bard‘ which again [...]