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Watchmen - The Blackett Review

Well Miss Blakeborough has left me with very little new to say about this film and I would highly reccomend clicking here and reading her thoughts on Watchmen.
As for me, I would love to have an opposing view and have a good ol rant about how much I hate it and who do people think [...]


This will be a two parter tonight guys, so ladies first n all, but Blackett’s lovely words will be coming up later.
So, Watchmen was released in cinemas yesterday and of course the YourFace gang went to see it as soon as various jobs had finally ended for the day.
Adaptations never fail to divide people. Especially [...]

Your Face in a Fortnight

Howdy folks and welcome to Your Face in A Fortnight.
As we have many many stories going up each week we thought it would be a great idea to put our favourites from the last two weeks or so into one place so you guys could find any stories that you might have missed. If you [...]

New Teaser Poster For Watchmen

Thank you


I’m talking trailers this time, rather than the source material.
I was a little scared when I heard they were going to be filming Watchmen, as it has always been deemed ‘unfilmable’ by author Alan Moore; such is its challenging themes, complexity and violence. Then I heard that Zack Snyder (300) was directing and my mood [...]