Eurovision - Blue

This week the UK discovered how this proud nation would be represented at the most prestigious of multi national events - Eurovision. Who would be brave enough to take this burden? Which poor soul(s) would take to the stage, sing their heart out and inevitably receive nul point because every one hates the UK? Well you should know by now that it will be the retro boy/man band Blue.

If you recently heard a collective sigh of not caring or felt a slight wave of disappointment that Steps weren’t reforming, this is the reason why.

But before we completely write of this inevitable fail of a comeback let me take you on a journey back in time through some of their greatest hit and some pictures of the boys topless, hoorah.

All Rise


And that concludes our music retrospective as these guys have had surprisingly few hits.

But lets look at how well they have done individually.

Duncan James

First of all he is well fit! Second of all he is recently bi-sexual (read as gay.) After Blue went its separate ways Duncan had a less than successful pop career so decided to take to the stage and was rather good at it. TV presenting beckoned and he was also rather good at that too. Little is known about why he wants to return to Blue but I suspect it is unfinished business with some of the boys *nudge nudge wink wink.*

Lee Ryan - Poon Hound

Slept through most of the ladies in the UK so chances are he is joining in this Eurovision ‘lads night out’ to dip his wick. A non existent pop career and claiming that 9/11 were blown out of proportion meant Lee wasn’t the most popular fellow. Last seen shouting ‘Every holes a goal!’

The most incredible story about Lee Ryan can be found here -

Simon Webbe

The Gary Barlow of Blue - well that is what we were led to believe. After a few soulful songs every one remembered that we had already got over the Lighthouse Family so had no need for Webbe. He went into the jungle and took his clothes off a lot, we rejoiced. His return to Blue will hopefully be shirtless.

Antony Costa

He has applied for Eurovision before.

So there we have it, if any one is wondering why they have reformed to go to Eurovision you now know that they had no choice. Sadly things are looking a bit blue for Blue because they could come out and sing the worlds most perfect song but there is no way they could compete with :