We enjoyed doing a three-way so much last time, that we thought we’d do all of our thoughts and feelings about Coraline as one massive, wonderful cornucopia of YourFace-ness.

So, topics at the ready here is what we thought of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline (we do love a good preview; makes us feel all special)

Did the film live up to the book?

Blakeborough: I’m going to struggle to say much about this film other than squeeeee. Although the addition of Wybie Lovat I didn’t think was entirely necessary. Apparently Wybie, who isn’t in the book, was there so that the viewer wouldnt have Coraline talking to herself so much. Didn’t hate him, but liked the idea that Coraline was a very perculiar child.

Blackett: I have to say they stayed pretty faithful to the spirit of the book, Wybie was not really needed. But other wise good show old chums.

Morgan: I Can’t Read so no comment!


Blakeborough: Usually I’m not that bothered about 3D, but it seems that this was because before Coraline I’d only actually seen one good version of it, and that was the retrospectively fitted 3D on Nightmare Before Christmas. Stop motion animation is the perfect vehicle for 3D. Beautiful. It suited the story of Coraline perfectly because it looks suitably weird and allowed some truly bizarre moments (stop motion boobs are a joy that can probably never be repeated)

Blackett: I am loving 3D in films ever since ‘Chamber of Secrets’ andone dull shot of a coridor was turned into a thing of beauty through the power of 3D. Coraline shows what 3D can do to make cinema an experience again. My onlt problem is the darn glasses the lenses on them are so small and the ars are so thick that you cant see the people your sitting with and I end up feeling a little lonley.

Morgan: Beautiful and nightmareish in a way only he can do - will have Goths in Tshirts for years! Perfect design, reminded me more of James and the Giant Peach more than Nightmare BC though.

Celeb Voices:

Blakeborough: Dakota Fanning was brilliant. She made Coraline come to life and seemed to have actually care about what she was saying. Utterly convincing. Teri Hatcher was surprisingly good as the Other Mother too. She tends to get typecast into the hot brunette who doesnt say too much role, but I loved her as a villain.

Blackett: Its rather unusual for a film to have such a strong female cast and I loved it, absolutely every one was perfect, Teri Hatcher played both good and evil, French and Saunders stole the show and I think that Dakota Fanning is such an incredible actress that she would be able to fart out her lines and I would still be left wanting more.

Morgan: Perfect, absolutely perfect.


Blakeborough: I don’t think I have any criticisms. I may even go and see it again.

Blackett: I loved it, I think it might have been a bit too slow for young children to love and some sections could have gone darker for adults to truly adore it, but it was one of those occasions that I left the cinema thinking that I had seen something magical.

Morgan: A strong film with a strong female lead with a great story and perfect design - did it need to be in 3D, probably not but I liked it!