I have found my new bride, Mrs. Betty Bowers

Lets face it, most of youtube is a bit shit and badly lit but then you find a gem among the rough and you fall in love.

I am now in love with Betty but sadly she only posts videos rather speradically so you must all visit her channel so she will think she is very populare and get a taste for fame and then she will make more videos and make us all chuckle more.


P.S. Oh my Lordy I have just found her website I want her even more.

I think I may have got a little excited so as well as bringing you Betty Bowers here are a few of my favourite Betty’s.

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Howdy folks, the names David, its lovely to meet you. I hope the weather is shinny where ever you are. There are a number of things I love to do with my day, writing here is one, writing for 69 magazine is another as well as delving my nose into a good book, listening to woman sing along to electro beats and playing computer games of all shapes and sizes. You can follow me on twitter @faceisanadvert
  • Andy
    I miss Betty's tongue!
  • "I am the best American Christian and therefore de facto best Christian in the World"

    Love her.
  • Dylan
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