Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

I was wide awake last night waiting for my facemask to set clothed in my friend/ex/whatevers t-shirt that I sweetly borrowed and never gave back reading through a fabulous website I had found:

my celebrity fashion

The website itself helps you see whatever your favourite celebrity is wearing: top searched celebrities being;

  1. Sienna Miller
  2. Agyness Deyn

(always new I was cool… I love the top two and the last one is very fab but not a look I could pull of)

Anyway back to my original train of thought, naturally I surveyed my way through Vicky B and Kate’s sections (on the site you filthy minded individuals) and was overjoyed to find that not only did they tell me what my fashion icons were wearing, where they were wearing, their general style and statistic BUT also where I could buy the clothing or a very close match! How wonderful is that!

Nevertheless, not being a lady engulfed in media geek chic the internet could never hold my full attention for long instead it got me thinking about clothing and what it creates…

If you look at Agy compared to Victoria they are two very different looks; one is European, upper class chic and the other is lesbian, punk meets your rockstar boyfriend’s closet. Yet, they are both highly searched indivuals who inspire others to create that look. So far so good, but why do we dress in certain looks? Why does our style become a look? And why do we, generally stay in our tried and tested style…

I might crave the looks of Victoria and Kate but I certainly don’t dress head to toe like them instead I pick out key pieces and make them my own. I would probably describe My look as sexy princess/fairy, with a hint of sophisticated quirk … always topped off with skyscrapers on my feet! On the other hand, there is Blakeborough who is lesbian geek chic meets 1920’s glamour (women first started wearing sexy tailoring) all topped off with a hint of children’s television sparkle.

What about the boys? Blackett he is retro boy meets modern nintendo sprinkled with a touch of sexy male fragrence model and all pulled together by that golden handsome prince… ok I could go on breaking the writer’s into groups and that would be lovely but what I really want people to look at and appreciate is the wonder of fashion and how we can be inspire by one piece and make it our own… fashion does not dictate us we dictate it!

guarentee that if we all bought the same white t-shirt we’d still look completely different because of the way we styled it up! Therefore, I think that we should all be proud that we can still be indivduals in this world of mass consumerism all because we have the ability take influence from all the fashion movements out there and be who we want to be!

Go Fashion, go to being “in vogue” and most of go … I to the shops to buy a pair of thigh-high boots!

Speak soon mes amis chic et attrayant