Teeth, the film, not just in general

If you dont know, which you might not as this wasn’t the most well known or succesful of films, the plot centres around a poor all American blonde girl who has taken a vow of chastity but discovers that she has been stricken with vagina dentata, a toothed vagina. Which fact fans can actually occur. Over the few days that this film is set various forced attempts are made on poor Dawns virginal purity each one ending in a bloody castration or digit removal.

I really enjoyed this film alot more than I thought I would. It has a dark and very tounge in cheek approach to the subject matter. But at times maybe doesn’t go as dark as it could do, instead taking a lighter tone when it could ramp up the fear factor.

I wish I could say more but it was only slightly above average in that B movie kind of way. If your having a night in with a few friends or it appears at a local cinema give it a go but I wouldn’t cry if I had gone my whole life with out seeing it.