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Or did he?

I love Yoshi he is one of my favourite things on earth but sadly his newest game on the DS has become part of the recent trend I am noticing in DS land and that is the stupid random difficulty that seems to happen in a DS game its happened in Yoshis Island and now it seems to be happening in Metroid Prime Hunters. Im not the greatest games player in the world, I could try and list off some achievements but I know there are people who are a million and one times better than me. However Iv been playing games long enough to notice when the developer of a game has clearly though holy good christ the game may be a little too short so to make the game longer I will put a bugger load more enemies on screen that can take away more energy than could be thought and to top it all off make it so the next save point takes over half and hour to get too! This does technically make the game longer but it does not make a good game infact it makes a frustrating mess that will never be completed.
Metroid is the worst for this, especially in the prime series. I do love them all and think they are a game worth playing but have we not reached the point in gaming where hunting around for a save spot are long gone. I think its really random for a Nintendo game to force a player to have to set aside at least an hour each time they need to actually complete something of importance in Metroid. With the Gamecube Nintendo promised more frequent in house releases that were shorter and designed so they could be picked up and played with ease, meaning that Nintendo fans could play more Nintendo games. Even Twilight Princess the ultimate epic sit alone and play game managed to let the player save at any point why oh why can you not Metroid? I really hope for Corruption they change this make the conclusion to this wonderful series absolutely perfect.