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Primevil Is Pure Evil


Sadly I was working the night that the second series first aired and I have only recently had time to see this ‘dummies guide on how to make a bad sci-fi drama.’ And it has made me sad, here are some of the reasons.

  1. If you are going to place a character in an alternate world, DO NOT make the alternate world cooler than the one he just came from. The audience just wont care if he goes back or not.
  2. Make sure a story makes sense, when we are brought into ‘the ark’ we see a team of army type people, why on earth then if there is a Velociraptor in a shopping centre do you send in three scientists and an undergrad? Surley the nice army men would have been better suited.
  3. I dont think I have watched a less ethnically diverse show since the 1960′s
  4. Spider-raptor