YourFace @ The Fringe: Frisky and Mannish

Myself and Mr. Morgan have been at the heart of the Edinburgh festival for two weeks now (don’t forget to keep up with our exploits at and our youtube channel thisisdavidmorgan) and the tiredness, hallucinations and slight sense of floating instead of walking is settling in rather nicely.

Nothing has ever woken me up like Frisky and Mannish: School of Pop. This is possibly the most incredible and uplifting show I have ever seen. I literally left the Underbelly buzzing a and inspired to do greater things. The show runs along the same lines of Supergirly, a mix of celebration and mocking of the pop industry as we know it today.

The School Of Pop is run by glam rock/new rave (is there a difference?) Frisky and Mannish who take you on a guided tour of School Song (a mix of Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance) the history of pop, the influence of drugs on pop (and incredible compilation of late 90 Alannis Morrisette and Joan Osbourne) an interlude of Strictly come Dancing and many more lessons.

The singing and acting was top notch, Frisky jumps singing styles in a heart beat and with out fault. Whilst Mannish plays his keyboard with style. I could have sat through another hour of this show, it made me realise that todays pop acts are a pale imitation of what they used to be.

If you miss this show you really have missed out on a treat at this years fringe.

As the fringe way is to score on stars I would give this the whole galaxy (or 5).