Christmas Time, mistletoe and misguided councils.

This week- as it does seem to be looming alarmingly soon again- its a Christmas affair.

Well, it was going to be, hence the quickly changed and not at all funny title. So instead we have a curious advert from Derbyshire County Council fostering service. Its all lovely and the couple are shown hanging some paintings from their new blonde haired and blue eyed foster child on the walls they previously prided decorating so much. We’re then asked as a viewer if we’ve got what it takes to be a foster parent. Personally no, but all well and good so far. Unfortunately whoever wrote the copy for this advert decided it was appropriate to mention right at the end that;

“We’ll pay you too!”

Take a look, I despair sometimes. This in the same couple of weeks where foster services are looking to prevent smokers from fostering.