I Love Fandom

Last week my game post was a little bit ranty and I don’t want this column to be me getting on my soap box and going on about what is wrong with games companies and then doing nothing to change it. It seems far too glum for my liking.

One of my favourite things about being a gamer is the world that lives around games, and how fans express themselves through creation of objects or dressing up like the characters they have spent hours falling in love with.

My dear friend Mr. Earnshaw has spent a large portion of his adult life creating Nintendo characters out of what ever his hands can get a hold of and I thought I would show them off here to raise a smile on faces across the globe. I hope you enjoy.

And because I love my friends so much I also thought I would post a few images of them trying their best to look like the characters they admire.

And then finally an image found on wondrful facebook that made me grin.