Merlin : The Poisoned Chalice

John Hurt
as the voice of the Dragon

Here we are at Episode 4 and everyone’s favorite sexy witch Nimueh (pronounced Nim Way apparently) is back with her pre-credit spell, this time she wants to poison our lovely lil warlock Merlin.

A peace treaty is being signed and a hand maiden flirts with Merlin and later tells of how the chalice given to Arthur is poisoned, Merlin tells the world, is made to drink it and then he falls into a coma. Gaius finds out that only one type of flower can cure him, Arther says he’ll go but alas daddy say no! Morgana manipulates and Arthur breaks the rules. He is met by the handmaiden in the woods - shock horror it’s our precredit witch, cue falling rocks, spiders and a Primevil type lizard.

Merlin in his coma helps Arther with his magics and all seems well till he’s thrown in jail when he gets back, Uther crushes the flower, meanie, but lovely Gwen gets it after the crappest plan ever. Gaius has to do magic to restore him oooooh! Merlin lives and Uther is proud of his boy hoorah!

However this week wasn’t about the story is was about reletionships, Morgana & Uther, Uther & Arthur, Gwen & Merlin, Gaius & Merlin and the awakening of Arther seeing magic with him and Merlin.

I’m enjoying Arthur a lot, he’s very good at getting interest out of not much, he’s stopped being the spoilt brat and is sadly becoming Mr Hero but the lovely Bradley James does really well with his lot.

Gaius (Richard Wilson) is magnificant and the scene of him doing secret magic was wonderful, perfectly executed, gush gush gush!

Morgana’s role is evolving, and I wonder how much they’re going to follow the mythology around her as she’s starting to grow and the scenes with her and Uther are great.

Stompy Stompy Anthony Head is the only character I’m lost with, maybe he’s being too complex but he jars with the rest of the cast, perhaps it’s because at no point is he funny, I hope we’re treated to an episode with him as the focus.

All in all Merlin is a treat, a welcome distraction from the juggernaut of X Factor (which is scripted just as much as Merlin) and sadly lost about the schedule as it gets moved about, did the BBC learn nothing from Doctor Who?!

next week Lancelot, ooooooh!