Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

When it comes to Nintendo’s franchise titles you pretty much know what to expect before you rip the beautiful Nintendo cellophane cord away from the packagin so makes it incredibly difficult to review this as though its a bran spanking new title because basically its not, but don’t get me wrong this is not a bad thing. Unlike some companies that will happily try and polish a turd and then throw it up on the games market every year *points finger at EA* Nintendo come out with an idea and then build on it as the series goes. In this outing Nintendo seem to have pulled out all the stops, the character rosta has been bulked up somewhat with the inclusion of non-Ninnty characters so you can see what it would be like if Yoshi were to beat four shades out of shit out of Sonic. Does any one else think its odd the amount of games characters who wear white gloves?

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On top of the usual beat-em-up style game is the ‘Subspace Emmisary’ which is the biggest pile of fanwank ever submitted to disk as you fight your way across the world to find out who has been setting off weird bombs willy nilly and who has been handing out guns that turn people into stone statues. During this surprisingly long part of the game you have such awesome team ups as Yoshi and Link, and Samus with Pikatchu. Some reviewers really hated this part of the game, but its nice relief from the normal manic brawl.

The run of the mill normal game has had very little done to it apart from a smattering of new stages and characters. The biggest change is the addition of the Smash Ball, which appears randomly and when smashed allows a character to unleash a devastating attack, so when it does appear the fight instantly changes from beating one another to frantically getting the smash ball. Other additions include a bird thing (its the best way to describe it believe me) which you need to collect the parts for as they appear on screen but in the end is rather pointless. OOOO and the assist trophies, how could I forget, apart from the normal range of fighters these new assist trophies work in the same way that the pokeballs do and unleash a whole new character that will work for your benefit in clearing the screen.

In all I would give this game two big thumbs up. I love it, although im thinking that I am in the minority with my friends who just find the thing a bit too hectic for their liking.