Buffy season 8- Wolves At The Gate conclusion

This is the final part of the ‘Wolves at the Gate’ story arc, and Drew Goddard’s last writing credit as Joss takes over next issue with the new arc featuring Fray (very very exciting by the way, but check it out for yourselves)

Its suitably devastating in all the right places, with the death of Xander’s new girlfriend Renee, and hilarious in others with the addition of a giant mechanised Dawn replica; “I like blue jeans and irony.”

However, and I had a sneaky feeling that this would turn out to be the focus of my post, I have to concentrate, not on Buffy and Satsu being all lesbian again per se, but on the massive controversy that it seems to have caused amongst the most passionate Buffy-ites (Buff-ites?) on Whedonesque. Now, usually I would be banging the big ol’ lesbian indignation drum; how dare people dislike sapphic relationships etc etc, but I have to say that I agree with the main focus of some of the less homophobic and frightening posts in that Buffy being all gay doesn’t really sit right. I hate to be a total loser, well, no I dont, but Buffy freaked when Willow announces (in the TV series) that she likes the ladies, so for me this new turn of events seems odd. Having said that, some nicely drawn images of lady love are always nice, and Buffy finding comfort any way she can is not such an out-there idea. I’m torn.

But, this issue was wonderful. I really felt as though I could hear each character in my head, so perfect was each ‘voice’, and I wept a little at Renee’s final moments as well as laughing out loud on most pages.

I really hope they decide to do an Andrew centric issue. I do so love him.