Why Don’t the other girls in the playground like me?

I picked up my monthly copy of Glamour magazine and was full of fabulous joy an article about Victoria Beckham (you all recognise my love for her by now!) however my delight was changed to contemplation and I noticed a growing trend: articles that depicted the competitive and generally bitchy nature of women. However, not just in general I’m talking girl on girl (and not in the fun way) women vs women. They spoke about how as women we’re so critical of each other and how (obviously) this is a bad thing. The irony being that of course there was the usual page of dos and don’ts in female attire (female on female criticism) and general which female celebrity we currently like and which we don’t.

Glamour isn’t the only magazine for sure, look at the gossip magazines Heat’s ring of truth and the general trend to which bitch fight is occurring between which female celebrities are two such examples. Could you imagine GQ or FHM doing a piece on how say David Beckham and Tom Cruise are in a huge bitch fest? No not at all, and it’s not just the media its general life!

I’ve just started at a new company and whilst out drinking with the new colleagues one of the lads drunkenly asked me:

“Why do you think the girls don’t like you?”

Well can you imagine? I was upset but not surprised heterosexual girls find it very hard to like me… that is unless they are quirky individuals like myself! The boy carried on explaining that it was because they are jealous that the males of the office (the sex ratio does highly veer towards male) so readily liked and accepted me (and a lot in the naughty sense apparently!?)

Do I deserve their animosity for being liked? Of course not but it brings us to the root of how hate and criticism of other girls starts: not from them having something we want or being prettier or whatever else; but, from the predatory arena in which we fight for men!

Now, I’ll be honest if I find out another female dislikes me because they consider me competition for the best male in the pride I will up my game. Yes, that’s right people you consider me competition I become down right predatory. I promise you that men don’t stand a chance when I have my aim set on them and this is because I will use every weapon in my feminine arsenal, I won’t play fair … and I will hit target! Good god I sound scary! (Ok and possibly a little arrogant) but that’s life and our love life is unfortunately essentially combat…Pat Benetar knew it when she sang love is a Battlefield!

To be frank I’m not really like this cougar image that comes across, to be honest I’m more like a frightened little girl that just wants to be loved. But I put on my armour, I paint my smile and I live up to what the other girls think I am… cast me in a role I’ll play it and I’ll do it bloody well!

How ironic is it that if girls were just nicer to each other we wouldn’t need to be tigresses we could be friendly and share our powers of persuasion that we use on the opposite sex and essentially share in the spoils of you (no offence boys) poor hopeless game!

This only a female perspective on the heterosexual world and I can only wonder how dog eat dog it is in the homosexual community? And even the heterosexual male’s world… Is civilised society really just a jungle??