Lesbian Love is in the air!

After a hectic morning of having to get up at 7am on a saturday so that I can pay a woman can apply hot wax to my most intimate areas and cause me a lot of pain (yes I question my sanity at times) I decided to rest and catch up with the news… By news I of course mean E showbiz news that has the nutritional benefit of sherbert but it helps ease my pain so I’m allowed!!

Anyways, digressing as usual, I was delighted to hear the news that Samantha Ronson (you know the Dj sister of the man that bought to our attention the musical stylings of a junky) whilst doing a dj set (yes I keep up with the teenage lingo!) dedicated the beatles song “All my love” to her girlfriend La Lohan!

Now the scandal doesn’t stop at two women declaring their love for each other in public ( I know I know you can’t take this much unorthodox behaviour but guess what there is more!!) Ronson then declared that:

“By the end of the year my love will be Mrs Ronson”

Thats right sugar bean there will apparantly be another lesbian celebrity wedding (Remeber Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres got august the 16th 2008 in Cali) and scandal was further spread with li-loh wearing a heart shape diamond on her wedding finger oooooooooooooooo the scandal!!

Ronson further that very sweet anouncement with another comment…

“Tonight shows the power of a woman – to underestimate that is to underestimate the world.”

Is this supposed to be romantic? maybe I’m being overtly girly, feminine, romantic? but this seems to me like she is detracting from the love between the two that is the reason for marrying and instead focusing on the stand that two women can be married?

I understand that there is still a huge issue over same-sex marriages and I am fully supportative of this as I believe in my world of hearts and flowers that two people in love should be able to show the world this by public union but If a man said that him marrying a woman shows the power of a man there would be outrage and it would just be the suggestion that marriage gives him power!

Now before anyone gets on there high horse and tells me I’ve completetly misjudged Ronson’s intentions I knwo that she means that by two women marrying it shows they are helping towards the fight against homophobia and inequality butttt….. weddings are all about love and romance not for making political statements!!

I wish the ladies the best of luck and hope they have a wonderful wedding but please please someone remind Ronson that she doesn’t have to inject militant lesbian into everything!!

love and kisses my beautiful readers!!

(now thats how to be loving and romantic!) hehehe